Current Students

Master’s Students

Nathaniel BrownNathaniel Brown photo
DM Organ Performance
MM Historical Musicology
MM Organ Performance, Florida State University (2019)
BM Organ Performance, Western Kentucky University (2014)

Hailing from Bowling Green, KY, Nathaniel is in his third year of graduate studies at Florida State University, pursuing degrees in organ performance and historical musicology. His research interests include the Venetian polychoral style, the musical and cultural exchanges during the Age of Exploration, and the music of the Reformation. He is a regular member of FSU’s Collegium Musicum ensemble and organist at Centenary United Methodist Church in Quincy.

His other musical interests include creating and recording organ transcriptions, collecting early music vinyl, and singing Sacred Harp.


Hannah N. Crider
MM, Historical Musicologyhannahcrider_bioimg
BM, Music Industry, James Madison University (2018)

Originally from Virginia, Hannah Crider is an active musicologist, writer, and clarinetist. Previously, she has worked as an audio engineer, assisting in recording sessions and live concerts for Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Blue Heron Ensemble, and Evan Ziporyn’s Blackstar Concerto featuring Maya Beiser, among others. While living in Boston, she was also an active volunteer for the experimental music non-profit Non-Event. Though her research primarily focuses on subjects in ecomusicology, her writing also emphasizes subtopics of accessibility and innovation, particularly with regards to new music. Most recently, her studies have documented the influence of A Resistance Now (Jamshied Sharifi, 2019) and In Praise of the Humpback (Dr. Frederick Harris, 2019) on raising environmental awareness during their 2019 tour of the Dominican Republic in collaboration with New York-based non-profit organization Parley for the Oceans.


Elizabeth Uchimura35347268_10157628870619535_1918857221664407552_o
MM Historical Musicology
MS Library Science and Information
BA Music, Florida State University (2015)

Elizabeth is a double Masters student in Musicology and Library Science with research interests in gender and race in the Barbershop singing tradition, community singing, and American music. Her time working in multiple campus libraries has solidified her desire to continue in academia as a music librarian or archivist. Currently, she serves as the Assistant Music Cataloger at FSU’s Allen Music Library where she primarily catalogs audiovisual media and local recordings. An avid barbershopper, Elizabeth also directs a female barbershop chorus called Barbershop Ladies of Tallahassee, sings tenor in the mixed quartet, Table Side Guac, and substitutes in the female quartet, Revised Edition.

Doctoral Students

Rachel BaniBani
PhD Student, Musicology
MM, Master of Music in Historical Musicology, Florida State University (2018)
BME, Shepherd University (2015)
BA, Trombone Performance, Shepherd University (2015)

Rachel Bani is a second-year Masters student in Historical Musicology, from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Her primary research interests include traditional Scottish music, women’s musical practices, and mission music of the Americas. She is currently working on her forthcoming thesis, a project entitled “Those Female Furies: Examining the Voices of Jacobite Songstresses.” In the summer of 2017, she was granted a Summer Research Award through Florida State University. This allowed her to travel to Edinburgh, where she conducted research relating to eighteenth and early nineteenth-century Jacobite song. She is also an active member of the Florida State University Irish Ensemble, and the Early Music Ensemble. Beyond her studies, Rachel enjoys hiking, kayaking, traveling, reading, and exploring new and exciting things to do in Tallahassee.


profileCaroline Bishop

PhD Student, Musicology
MA in Musicology, Queens College-CUNY (2017)
BM in Viola Performance,Queens College-CUNY (2015)

Caroline is a third-year doctoral student from Sacramento, California, where she began her music studies as a violist. Her dissertation interest lies in music as conceived for use in the eurythmy pedagogies of Waldorf education and the eurhythmics methods of the Dalcroze school, which both arose in the early twentieth century. This has enabled her to think and write about the history of these practices that reach toward mending the mind-body split through physical gesture paired with the sounded dimension. In the summer of 2018, she was granted a Summer Research Award through Florida State University which allowed her to conduct archive research on the Dalcroze Eurhythmics materials housed at The Ohio State University.


10553726_10153319711481805_4791189837944251489_o (1)
Emily Allen
PhD Candidate, Musicology    
MM, Master of Music in Historical Musicology, Florida State University (2016)
BM, Music with Elective Studies in Specific Outside Fields (Mathematics), University of South Alabama  (2014)
While having grown up in a large number of cities, Emily hails from Cleburne, Texas. Allen’s master’s thesis is about a Florida-based klezmer ensemble called the Holocaust Survivor Band. Her dissertation research focuses on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Carnival brass bands in Mobile, Alabama. In addition to being a musicologist, Allen is an active clarinet, crumhorn, recorder, and shawm player, performing regularly throughout the Tallahassee area.


Danielle headshot-5027Danielle Davis
PhD, Ethnomusicology
BME, Hampton University (2017)

Danielle Davis is a violist and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology at Florida State University. Her research interests are in African American musics, Arabic folk singing, Bulgarian Folk singing, musics of the African Diaspora and ethnographic film. Her long -term objectives include combining music education and ethnomusicology to enrich community music programs. She is also interested in creating a pedagogical model to cultivate Black musical identity for African American string students.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master in Teaching in Music Education from Hampton University. She is certified to teach K-12 instrumental music education and has completed teaching assignments working with elementary and secondary orchestra students in the Newport News and Virginia Beach area of Virginia.


Emily Eubanks Eubanks
PhD, Historical Musicology
MM Flute Performance, Oklahoma City University (2017)
BMA Flute Performance, Oklahoma Baptist University (2015)

Emily is a second-year Master’s student studying Historical Musicology. She is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her areas of research include gender studies, salon cultures of the nineteenth century, women’s music clubs, and music patrons in America. Her master’s thesis explores the influence and activities of Blanche Walton on the modern music culture of the 1920s and 1930s. Beyond academia, Emily enjoys exploring Tallahassee, playing the flute, painting, and spending time with her corgi.



27912706_1871835322827301_5039337327428912364_oHannah Porter Denecke

PhD Student, Historical Musicology

M.M. Historical Musicology & Sacred Music – Spring 2019 – University of Florida

B.M. Applied Music (Composition & Theory) – Spring 2017 – Western Illinois University

Hannah is a first year doctoral student, and is looking forward to all that she will learn during her time at FSU. Her musicological interests include the ways that cultural factors such as spirituality, gender, technology, and the environment are performed and understood through music. She wrote her undergraduate honors thesis on the fin-de-siècle parlor music composer Carrie Jacobs-Bond, and her master’s thesis on the theological undertones of Vincent Persichetti’s 1970 inter-religious piece The Creation. Hannah’s interests are varied, but she sees coherence in their connection to American public life, and her own desire to engage the public with her work. In her free time, she nurtures her spirit by spending time in nature, singing, reading, cooking, and being with her beloved husband, Eli, and their friends and family.


Drew GriffinPicture2
PhD Student, Musicology
MM, Ethnomusicology, Florida State University (2017)
BM Music Performance, Music Education, Appalachian State University (2014)

Originally from Georgia, Drew is a third-year doctoral student researching the intersections of represented trauma, music, and emotion. His dissertation project examines the case of “She Used to Be Mine,” a song from the contemporary American musicalWaitress, as a site of traumatic re-voicing that resonates beyond its original staged context. His previous work, entitled “All I Need is the Air I Breathe: Music, Media, and the Practice of Collegiate A Cappella,” explores contemporary collegiate a cappella singing both in embodied performance and as represented in popular film. He currently serves as the assistant editor for the journal Ethnomusicology, and has previously taught as adjunct instructor of humanities at Tallahassee Community College. When not (happily) buried in work, he serves as the (un)official FSU Musicology baker.


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.30.49 PM

McKenna Milici
PhD Student, Musicology
MM Vocal Performance, FSU (2016)
MM Historical Musicology, FSU (2015)
BA Music, Whitman College (2011)

McKenna is a PhD student and FSU Legacy Fellow originally from the Pacific Northwest. Her master’s thesis examined issues of gender roles and female vocality in Kurt Weill’s Broadway-Opera Street Scene. Her research interests include feminist criticism, voice, audience and reception studies, and 20th and 21st century American opera. McKenna also completed her master’s in voice at FSU where she appeared in Postcard from Morocco, La Cenerentola, and L’incoronazione di Poppea.


Rehard photo
Abby Rehard
MM Ethnomusicology
MM, Percussion Performance, Northern Illinois University (2015)
BM, Percussion Performance & Portuguese, University of Missouri-
Columbia (2013)
Abby is a first-year master’s student in ethnomusicology. Her primary research interests focus on gender and embodiment in community drumming traditions in Brazil and facilitating mentalwellness through participatory performances. She directs and plays in Mas ’n Steel on campus and enjoys performing Shona mbira and contemporary percussion chamber music. Outside of her musical studies, Abby delights in Latin and African dancing, bike riding through forested trails, and cartooning.

Nate Ruechel Bio - Google Docs

Nate Ruechel
MM Historical Musicology
BM Music Education, St. Norbert College (2016)

Nate is a masters student in historical musicology from Oconto, Wisconsin. His research interests include 20th century American music, the intersections of music, sexuality and gender, and the music of the Irish Diaspora. In his free time, Nate enjoys playing his saxophone, binging on Netflix, and discovering new places.





PhD Candidates

Kurt Kurt Edouard Carlson
PhD Candidate
Fulbright Fellow, Austria
MA, Butler University
BA, Monmouth College

Kurt specializes in the sonic history and identity of historically marginalized rural people and places, specifically at the intersection of landscapes, lifestyles, and languages found in Austria’s southernmost region, Carinthia. He began this work while serving as a Fulbright fellow to Austria (2013-14) and has expanded it to include methods from multiple disciplines. Kurt’s dissertation will be featured by the Austrian Folk History Society and he has presented his work at conferences in three countries. Kurt now lives in eastern Pennsylvania with his wife Mary and their dog Sydney. He serves on committees dedicated to affordable housing, economic mobility, community development, and hopes that the breadth of his experience can improve overall quality of life in his new home.


Carrie DanielsonDanielson
PhD Candidate, Musicology

MM, Ethnomusicology, Florida State University (2016)
BA, Music (Theory, History, & Composition), Brown University (2014)

Carrie Danielson is a Ph.D. Candidate in Musicology (Ethnomusicology) at Florida State University whose research interests lie at the intersections of children’s musical cultures, forced migration, cultural policy, applied ethnomusicology, and Nordic Studies. Her dissertation research explores Sweden’s historically democratic music-and-arts schools, or kulturskolor, and how these institutions act as sites for cultural friction, transfer, and exchange for newly arrived and unaccompanied children and young people from Syria and Afghanistan. Carrie holds a Masters of Music in Musicology from Florida State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Brown University. She is a recipient of the 2018 SEM Elizabeth May Slater Prize, a 2018 Presser Graduate Music Award, and a 2019 Florida State University International Dissertation Semester Research Fellowship and has presented her work at regional, national, and international conferences in the disciplines of historical musicology, ethnomusicology, music education, Scandinavian Studies, and children’s history.


0003 copy

Haiqiong Deng
PhD Candidate, Musicology
MM Ethnomusicology, the Florida State University (2006)
MA Arts Administration, the Florida State University (2003)
BM Music Performance of Chinese Zheng, Shanghai Conservatory of Music (1997)

Haiqiong has been active as a concert musician in North America, promoting both traditional Chinese music and contemporary compositions by American composers for the zheng in the last decade. Her primary research interest is on the oral-aural transmission and music expression of traditional Chinese zheng music. She also plans to explore the relationship between music, nature and place, particularly on the instrument of qin. She has been directing the FSU Chinese Music Ensemble since 2001. Her website is:

Rebekah FranklinMusicologyProfilePic
PhD Candidate, Musicology
MM Historical Musicology, FSU (2017)
BM Music Performance, Wheaton College Conservatory of Music (2015)

Rebekah is a doctoral candidate in Musicology. Her dissertation research focuses on performances of J.S. Bach’sPassions in American Bach Festival contexts, and how festival infrastructures create safe spaces for the discussion and presentation of challenging topics. She appreciates learning new pedagogical techniques for both the music history classroom and cello studio. When not happily buried in the library, Rebekah enjoys watching musicals, reading novels, eating chocolate, cooking new things, walking in nature, and playing with her cat.


JenithaJenitha Abela Kameli
PhD Candidate, Musicology

Jenitha is a doctoral student from Tanzania. At FSU she serves as the instructor of the African Ensemble, as well as a research assistant. She holds an MA in Ethnomusicology from the Makerere University, Uganda (2011), and a BA in Music from Wartburg College, Iowa (2001). Her dissertation is tentatively titled “The Fetishization and Appropriation of Kisukuma Music and Dance from Tanzania by the Danish Utamaduni Troupe in Denmark.”


SFM picture

Pete Marjenin
PhD Student, Musicology
MM Ethnomusicology, Kent State University (2014)
BA Mercyhurst University (2010)

Pete’s research interests include Irish Traditional music as well as a number of topics related to heavy metal music and culture. Some of his work has addressed folk music, role-playing games, and gender in metal music while his current research examines the relationship between heavy metal and monsters. While not on campus, Pete can be found cooking, hiking, and playing with flowers and vegetables on farms.


Jason Mitchelljason-pic
PhD Candidate, Musicology
MA Jazz History and Research, Rutgers University-Newark (2014)
BFA Jazz Studies, Marshall University (2011)

Originally from West Virginia, Jason is a doctoral student in musicology with an emphasis in ethnomusicology. His master’s thesis was on the life and music of Wayne Shorter, and while jazz is still one of his primary research interests, his current academic pursuits are focused on processes of globalization, tourism, and social memory in Latin America and the Caribbean. Outside of music, Jason is active in the cave diving community and also works as a scuba repair technician and is an Assistant Instructor for the Professional Association of Dive Instructors.

Holly RileyHolly Banjo
PhD Candidate, Musicology
BM Music Education, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2015)
Holly is a doctoral student in Ethnomusicology. Originally from Durham, North Carolina, Holly started a community strings program at the Boys of Girls Clubs of Greensboro and was active as a fiddle player, songwriter, and folk musician in the North Carolina area. Holly’s research interests include old time music and fiddle playing, community music education, and South African music and politics. She currently teaches fiddle and strings with the Tallahassee Youth Orchestra Acoustic Ensemble and performs with local folk bands around the Tallahassee area.


Nicole Schommer

Head Shot[2]

PhD Candidate, Musicology 
MM Ethnomusicology, FSU (2016)
BM, Vocal Performance & Spanish, St. Norbert College (2014)

Nicole Schommer is a Ph.D. Candidate in musicology with an emphasis in ethnomusicology. Her master’s thesis was on music’s role as the generative mechanism of communitas in Zumba classes in Tallahassee, and her more current doctoral research explores Cuban nueva trova through the lens of vocality studies. Broadly, her research interests include embodiment, voice studies, emotion, politics, diaspora, and the music of Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently, Nicole is based in Miami, Florida.



Scott Swan
PhD Candidate, MusicologyScott Swan Photo

Scott is a multi-instrumentalist (primarily guitar, piano, harmonica) with a performance background in jazz, blues, soul, and folk styles. His research interests in popular and folkloric musics articulate with identity, conflict, gender, and performance studies across various geographic areas, including the American South, Ireland, mainland Southeast Asia, and across the northern rim of the Mediterranean. His doctoral research explores identity and conflict in the multipart polyphonic vocal practice in the historic Occitan region of southern France. Scott has a BA in anthropology (UF) and an MA in anthropology (FSU), and his Master’s Thesis, “Music is My Vessel,” explored African American musical heritage through the life of 1960s and 70s soul musician Lavell Kamma.


Carl VermilyeaCarl Vermilyea
PhD Candidate, Musicology
MM Ethnomusicology, University of North TexasMM Music
Education, Catholic University of America
BM Music Performance, Eastman School of Music

Carl’s master’s thesis was about African-American fife & drum band music in the Mississippi hill country, and his doctoral research concerns blues and gospel of the same region.


Portrait_In Schoenberg Archive


Ryan Whittington
PhD Candidate, Musicology                                    BA, Music in Liberal Arts; BA, German, Wake Forest University (2014)

Ryan is a doctoral student in Historical Musicology whose interests include music and monstrosity, narratology, and the music of Arnold Schoenberg. His master’s thesis research regards early nineteenth-century melodramas based on John Polidori’s 1819 novel, The Vampyre. Ryan plays in the recorder ensemble and sings with the Compline Choir at St. John’s Episcopal Church. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys watching old monster movies and the TV shows Penny Dreadful and Doctor Who.