FSU Musicologists Present at SGMRS 2013

Congratulations to the eight FSU musicologists who presented at this year’s Southern Graduate Music Research Symposium hosted by the University of Georgia Musicology/Ethnomusicology Student Association. The two-day conference was a great success! We’d like to extend a huge thanks to UGA for being such gracious hosts. Next year, SGMRS will be hosted by our own FSU Society for Musicology – we hope to see some familiar faces here in Tallahassee!

FSU students at SGMRS
Papers presented by FSU students:

  • Matt DelCiampo, “The Soundtrack to an Idealized Nature: Sigur Rós and the Promotion of the BBC’s Planet Earth
  • Alice Henderson, “The Poet’s Hand: Goethe’s Influence on Two Musical Interpretations of ‘Der Erlkönig'”
  • Sarah Kahre, “A Tradition in Motion: Boylston and Early Sacred Harp Revisions”
  • Lindsey Macchiarella, “Tragic Narrative in Mendelssohn’s F-Minor String Quartet, Op. 80”
  • Megan MacDonald, “‘But Secretly they was Overjoyed’: Masculinity, Violence, and Heroic Rape in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”
  • Elizabeth Rosner, Florida State University – “‘Wanna welcome y’all back to “The Minstrel Show”‘: Appropriating Minstrelsy and Redefining Blackness in Little Brother’s ‘Lovin It'”
  • Catherine Williams, “‘Which one of us is the fisherman, and which the trout?’: Film Violence and Classical Music in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”
  • Matthew Woulard, “The Soundscapes of Video Games: Sound and Immersion”

End of the Year Round-Up: Here’s What We Accomplished This Year

As the 2012-2013 school year comes to a close, let’s take a look back at what our students achieved this year. Congratulations all!

Conference Presentations

AMS/SEM/SMT, New Orleans, LA (November 2012)

  • Danielle Adomaitis, “Sonic Fixtures and Drifting Buskers: Soundmarks of New Orleans and the Street Musicians Who Construct Them”
  • Sara Black Brown, “An Invitation to Bliss: Negotiating Faith and Culture through the New York City Rath Yatra Parade”
  • Kathryn Etheridge, “‘Tonight I am Playing Madrigals from a Distant Country’: Interwar Japanese Musical Modernism and Settings of Fukao Sumako’s Poetry”
  • Mia Gormandy, “The Emergence of the Electronic Steelpans within the Steelpan Community: Descriptions, Reactions, and Dramas”
  • Elyse Marrero, “Staff Benda Bilili and the Need to Overcome the Ableist Trope of ‘Overcoming Disability'”
  • Carlos Odria, “Social Improvisation and the Ethics of Innovation: Performing Urban Pasacalles in the Wastelands of Lima”
  • Christopher Phillpott, “Gilles Hayne and the Jesuit Imagination”
  • Todd Rosendahl, “Negotiating Marginality through Musical Discourse at Pride Festivals”
  • Tim Storhoff, “International Music Festivals as a Zone of Awkward Engagement in U.S.-Cuban Relations”
  • Stephanie Thorne, “Raqs Sharqi and Tsalagi: Finding Native American Identity in Bellydance”

AMS-S, Lake Charles, LA (February 2013)

  • Toni Casamassina, “Poetry, Art, and Music: Lied Sources in Nineteenth Century Düsseldorf”
  • Kathryn Etheridge, “Musical Modernism in Interwar Japan: Yamada Kōsaku, Kindai and Modanisuto”
  • Sarah Gilbert, “Real and Imagined Identities in an ‘Improvisation’ on J. S. Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins”
  • Megan MacDonald, “Radie Britain and the Process of Renaming”
  • Tim Storhoff, “The Politics of Programming in the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba’s First Tour of the United States”

SEMSEC, Atlanta, GA (March 2013)

  • Danielle Adomaitis, “Makin’ Groceries on Dorise’s Corner: Soundmarks of New Orleans and the Street Musicians Who Construct Them”
  • Elizabeth Clendinning, “Karawitan and Korupsi : The Political and Economic Legacy of International Higher Education in the Arts of Bali, Indonesia”
  • Lindsey Macchiarella, “Gamelan Style, Exoticisim, and Satire in Benjamin Britten’s the Prince of the Pagodas
  • Elizabeth Rosner, “‘I Am Giving Them A Voice Through My Music’: Sister Fa and Multivocality in the FGC Debate”
  • Tim Storhoff,  “The Disengagement of Politics and the Politics of Disengagement during the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba’s First Tour of the United States”
  • Sarah Strothers, “Shakuhachi in a Modernized World: Mediation of a Transformed Oral Culture in the United States”

Southeast Regional Graduate Student Conference, Tallahassee, FL (March 2013)

  • Lindsey Macchiarella, “Franz Liszt and George Sand: The Transformation of a Voyageur”
  • Megan MacDonald, “Music Study in Germany: Liszt through the Eyes of Amy Fay”
  • Catherine Williams “Clara Wieck Schumann and Franz Liszt: Music Careers in the Nineteenth Century”

SAM, Little Rock, AR (March 2013)

  • Lucy Church, “After the Blacklist: Political Expression in Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest” (poster presentation)
  • Elizabeth Clendinning, “Talkin’ ‘Bout Their Generation: ‘Performing Technology’ as Pedagogy in American Vernacular and Popular Music Courses”
  • Elyse Marrero, “‘Paparazzi,’ Wheelchairs, and a Mermaid: Lady Gaga’s Use of Disability Aesthetics”
  • Catherine Williams, “Maud Powell, Performance, and American Music” (poster presentation)

AMS-SE, Raleigh, NC (April 2013)

  • Catherine Williams, “Maud Powell, ‘Violin Queen'”

Christian Scholar’s Conference (June 2013)

  • Megan MacDonald, “Never a Bed of Roses: Radie Britain’s Compositions and the Federal Music Project” (accepted)

American Musical Instrument Society, Williamsburg, VA (May 2013)

  • Sarah Gilbert, “Intersections of Music and Science in the Experimental Violins of Chanot and Vuillaume” (accepted)

Achievements and Awards

  • Toni Casamassina won the Student Paper Award for “Poetry, Art, and Music: Lied Sources in Nineteenth Century Düsseldorf” at AMS-S.
  • Elizabeth Clendinning was an FSU International Semester Dissertation Research Fellow in Bali, Indonesia; elected to the FSU Fellows Society; re-elected as the SEMSEC Webmaster; received an FSU Dissertation Research Grant for fieldwork in Colorado; published  “Creating ‘the Ultimate Retro-Future’: Music, Nostalgia and Futurity in Tron (1982) and Tron: Legacy (2010)” in Norient Academic Online Journal (May 2013); will be a Visiting Instructor of Ethnomusicology and Visiting Director of World Music Ensembles at Emory University for 2013-2014
  • Michelle Jones received the FLAS fellowship to study Hindi at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Megan MacDonald was elected Student Co-Chair at SAM
  • Matthew Morin was hired as an assistant professor of interdisciplinary studies at Dixie State University, Utah.
  • Sarah Strothers was awarded a Krebs scholarship for 2013.
  • Jennifer Talley received the Research Grant for German Exile Studies from the University of Southern California’s Feuchtwanger Memorial Library to study the Hanns Eisler collection, and the Curtis Mayes Research Fellow Award to study Liszt Manuscripts at the Library of Congress and at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  • Janine Tiffe will begin teaching in the ethnomusicology department at Kent State University this fall.

*If I missed you on this list, please let me know!

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Congratulations to the following FSU musicology students who have been accepted to present at conferences recently!

SEMSEC (Society for Ethnomusicology Southeast and Caribbean Chapter) 

Tim Storhoff

Matt DelCiampo

Carlos Odria

Stephanie Thorne

Kayleen Justus

Danielle Adomaitis

Brian Martinez

Heather Paudler

Janine Tiffe

Elizabeth Clendinning

AMS-Southern (American Musicological Society – Southern Chapter)

Sarah Kahre

Matt Henson

Elizabeth Clendinning

SAM (Society for American Music) 

Carlos Odria

Elizabeth Clendinning

Todd Rosendahl

Chris Phillpott

Toni Casamassina

Sara Black-Brown

***If I’ve missed you on this list, let me know! 

Congrats to Alum John Spilker!


One more bit of news, just to add the prestige of our program and the value of your degree:

[Alum] John Spilker’s article “The Origins of “Dissonant Counterpoint”: Henry Cowell’s Unpublished Notebook” has just appeared in theJournal of the Society for American Music 5/4 (November 2011): 481-533. If you go to

http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayIssue?decade=2010&jid=SAM&volumeId=5&issueId=04&iid=8412732 ,

 you’ll be able to preview the article. Note that the editors have honored John’s article by featuring Cowell’s image on the cover of this issue.

Congratulations to John!

[Achievements] Congrats to Alum Meg Jackson!

Well, everybody,

Now we seem to have opened the floodgates of alumni news and accomplishments. This from Meg Jackson, who has both (!) DM Voice Performance and PhD Musicology (Ethnomusicology) degrees from FSU and is now teaching at Troy University. Because she’ll be presenting at both AMS and SEM meetings in the next few weeks, this comes as very timely notice for us to catch her sessions.

This past weekend Meg was on a panel examining music and violence, at the American Folklore Society national conference in Bloomington, Indiana. Her presentation was titled “The Poets of Duisburg: Risk and Response in a German Inner City.”

Meg and Michael Hix (MM Musicology and DM Voice Performance from FSU) are presenting a lecture-recital at the AMS meeting in San Francisco, “Music Is the Continuation of Life: the Post-War Songs of Hanns Eisler (1898–1962) and Paul Dessau (1894–1979).” This will be on the Saturday of the conference (12 November) at 12:15.

At SEM in Philadelphia she’ll be giving a paper titled “Tupac was a Kanak! Blackness, Performativity, and Hip-hop in the Ruhrpott.” This was at least preliminarily scheduled for a session on Hip-hop, Friday, 18 November, at 8:30-10:30.

Meg also runs a summer music history institute in Dresden – just to keep from getting bored, I suppose.

Pretty soon we’ll just take over the world.