Dr. Frank Gunderson wins 2012 Nketia Prize!

Our very own, Dr. Frank Gunderson, was awarded the 2012 Kwabena Nketia Prize for the best monograph in African music studies for his book, Sukuma Labor Songs from Western Tanzania: “We Never Sleep, We Dream of Farming (Brill, 2010), at the 2012 Society for Ethnomusicology Annual meeting in New Orleans. Please join us in congratulating him for this well-deserved and remarkable achievement!

Congrats to Dr. Olsen!

The cool thing about announcing one bit of glad news is that more always comes in as a result.

 Professor Emeritus Dale Olsen recently presented a paper at the International Council for Traditional Music conference at St. John’s, Newfoundland. The title for the forthcoming published version of that paper is “Musical Chant Formulas and ‘Subjectivity as Truth’ among the Warao of Venezuela,” which he describes as a Kierkegaardian take on the Nietzschean-derived concept of “Amerindian Perspectivism.”

Dr. Olsen’s new book, World Flutelore: Flutes in Folktales, Myths, and Other Stories of Magic and Power, is scheduled to be published in the spring by the University of Illinois Press. 





[Achievements] Congrats to Dr. Kite-Powell!

Good evening, all!

 Had I known, I should have included in my message the other day another cause for congratulations and pride in the program. Glad to add it now!

 Our emeritus but still present and irreplaceable Professor Jeffery Kite-Powell recently published a book chapter, “Performance Forces and Italian Influence in Michael Praetorius’s Syntagma Musicum III,”  in Susanne Rode-Breymann and Arne Spohr, eds., Michael Praetorius: Vermittler europäischer Musiktraditionen um 1600.  Vol. 5 in the series Ligaturen: Musikwissenschaftliches Jahrbuch der Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover, 115-32.  Hildesheim, Zürich, New York: Georg Olms.

 One only “sort-of retires” as a musicologist. It’s not a thing that you do – it’s part of what you are.

 Be that.