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Congratulations to the following FSU musicology students who have been accepted to present at conferences recently!

SEMSEC (Society for Ethnomusicology Southeast and Caribbean Chapter) 

Tim Storhoff

Matt DelCiampo

Carlos Odria

Stephanie Thorne

Kayleen Justus

Danielle Adomaitis

Brian Martinez

Heather Paudler

Janine Tiffe

Elizabeth Clendinning

AMS-Southern (American Musicological Society – Southern Chapter)

Sarah Kahre

Matt Henson

Elizabeth Clendinning

SAM (Society for American Music) 

Carlos Odria

Elizabeth Clendinning

Todd Rosendahl

Chris Phillpott

Toni Casamassina

Sara Black-Brown

***If I’ve missed you on this list, let me know!